Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I just got home from helping pack my parents (it's an on-going process that's liable to take the next two months) and realized I never wrote a post for today's workshop so I think I'm just going to make it official: I'm taking the rest of the month off.

That means no new workshop for this week or next. I'm currently spending all the time I have (that means, when I'm not cleaning out 57 years of stuff my parents have collected in their marriage) writing a new story. It will probably end up around 15-20,000 words...just a short piece for a special occasion I'll tell you about in September.

Now, just because I'm not posting a new workshop doesn't mean you get the time off. Go back through and review previous workshops, work on your own new work-in-progress, read and analyze a good book. Keep the mind sharp and the fingers nimble!

And play safe!
Diana :)

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