Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prompting 1...2...3...4...

Every once in a while you need to walk away from your current work-in-progress and write something different. Different genre, different story, different something.

Today's your day to do just that. Set your timer for a time between 15 and 30 minutes, then choose a prompt from those given below and do something different. If you normally write romance, try turning the prompt into a mystery. If you normally write thrillers, write science fiction. If you normally write fantasy, try noir. Seriously. Write like Raymond Chandler -- it's a lot of fun and can loosen up your brain for your more serious writing later.

Pick a prompt and have fun!


Prompt 1 - Old lady on the beach finds a walking silver Liberty half-dollar in the sand. What does she do with her find? Choose your point of view: the old lady or a person who sees her pick it up. (Link provided for you young-uns who don't know what that is. Also for those not familiar with old American coins).

Prompt 2 - Man comes running out of a bank with a canvas bag in his hand. Why? Choose your point of view: the man with the bag, a teller inside the bank or a person on the street who sees him come out.

Prompt 3 - Person (you determine gender) trying to buy fruit from outdoor vendor drops a wad of cash in the process and doesn't notice. Choose your point of view: the person who drops the cash, the vendor or a person who witness the money drop.

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