Friday, November 23, 2012

Sale on Diana's books

Seven of Diana’s titles at 25% off, now through Saturday, December 1st!

Use the coupon codes below at Smashwords, where you can choose your format. Got a Kindle? No problem! A Nook, Nexus, Ipad? Easy!

Just click on the title, go to the site, enter the code and voila! The book is instantly downloadable.

(See why I don’t write copy for advertising agencies? I should leave the hyperbole to the pros. My copy uses too many !!!! And, I figured, why only a one-day sale when most of us have to work on Monday? It would be far more fun to have a whole week – and a day.)

Here are the titles on sale by Diana Hunter:

Tied to Home – 25% off – use the code: HM77G

Shooting Star – 25% off – use the code: TB47U

A Night to Remember – 25% off – use the code: QC72K

Table for Four – 25% off – use the code: MS47J

Learning Curve – 25% off – use the code: WE64S CF Duprey:

Hardship and Hardtack – 25% off – use the code: FD86P Mystic Shade

Yours to Command – 25% off – use the code: RK73S

Play safe!

PS. If any of you then want to go to a site of your choice and put up a review, that would be wonderful! Honest reviews only, please. :)

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