Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick prompts

With so many sales going on (seven of my books are on sale this week for 25% off. Click here for details!), today's writing prompts center around retail. Choose one of the prompts below, throw some spaghetti and see what sticks!

Two people standing outside a big-box store of your choice. Its 2:00 in the morning and the store doesn't open until 6:00 AM, but when it does, it'll have fantastic deals on electronic devices. The line is already twenty people in line and your characters are first and second in the queue. Another person comes along and strikes up a conversation with your two characters, who slowly realize this person intends to cut in line.

Your protagonist is a cashier in a busy, locally-owned store. He/she has a long line of customers when the customer at hand complains about the price of an object. What happens when the person behind the complainer in line decides to take matters into his/her own hands?

Your protagonist is a salesclerk at an upscale department store who sees a man walk into the ladies fitting room. You finally get the courage up to go speak to him and toss him out when he emerges -- as a woman.

Have fun with these! Remember, prompts have a couple of different purposes, so play around and see what happens.

And I meant what I said above - I really do have seven titles on sale until Friday. Take a look.


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