Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Blog Page

I took some time this morning to put together a page for the blog that lists all the writing workshops I've posted so far. There are nineteen of them! A few are short writing prompts, the others are skills-based lessons. Although I'm a firm believer that no one can teach style (it's so unique, each writer must develop their own), I do believe there are definitely skills and "tricks of the trade" that can be learned.

To see the page, you'll have to click through if you read these posts in a reader.

You'll also note I haven't put up a page for Mystic Shade. There's a link to "her" work in the sidebar, but I decided against giving her a separate page at this point. For the next two and a half years, I have a day job that involves minors. I don't need to make it any easier to find material unsuited to their age (I teach teenagers - I love them, but they are a nosy bunch!). For now, Mystic will remain in the shadows.

Play safe!

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