Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Fable in...

Several years ago I found a yellowed piece of paper in the files of a former teacher. On it, in very small print, was a piece called "A Fable in F" and what followed was a fairy tale retold using as many words that started with the letter "F" as possible. The piece was fun to read and I immediately put it in my creative writing classes as a way to teach the use of the Thesaurus.

Unfortunately, I never found a source for that short story, or an author. A quick search on the web turned up nothing. But my own "Princess and the P" came out of that inspiration.

And that's today's writing challenge for you. Have some fun with words! Choose a fairy tale or fable and choose a letter of the alphabet - and write! Keep the Thesaurus nearby (a dictionary is also helpful. Just keep it open to your particular letter and work in as many words using that letter as you can) and enjoy the mental  and linguistic gymnastics you're about to put yourself through. If you're very brave, share your fable/fairy tale in the comments below.

If you're enjoying these workshops, feel free to make a contribution. Those who do will get a free copy of the book these will become. :)


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