Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sorry, gotta rant.

Out of curiosity I went looking for reviews of SERVICES RENDERED. It's been out a month now and so far I've found only one review. What I ALSO found were not one, not two, but THREE sites that had posted the book as a free, illegal download.

THREE of them! And the book's just out four weeks. I haven't even gotten my first royalty check from the darn thing and already its been pirated. How the hell am I ever going to make a living at writing if people keep stealing my books????

I'm asking you all a favor. If you ever see an ebook, mine or anyone else's, listed somewhere for free and you know you paid for it, the site is probably an illegal pirate. Email me or the other author or the publisher and we'll take care of it. I am very thankful for EC's pirate hunter -- she does a great job and wields one hell of a sword!


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