Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning and getting ready...

I've been cleaning up more of those tags tonight -- hopefully no one is getting notices that the blog's being updated when all I'm doing is erasing old, rarely-used tags in preparation for adding some new ones that are far more useful (and relevant!). Also playing with Blogger's new interface -- I can post titles for each post in this template now!

You may recall I promised something new almost two weeks ago. I'm glad I didn't rush as I ran into a small snag that's now been teased out. One more little wrinkle to fix and everything will be good to go. Are you curious? Here's a hint: sharpen your pencils, make sure you've ink in your pen; you'll soon be working and finding your Zen!

 LOL In spite of my bad poetry, stay tuned to this space for an exciting new feature!

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