Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow! I never expected the wonderful response I got, but THANK YOU! I sent out over 50 copies of STITCHES IN TIME to those who emailed me. The offer is now closed as the week is done, but now I know people DO read the newsletter (and follow me on Twitter -- and read newsletter!).

A reader wrote that she enjoyed the opportunity to revist Maggie and Liam and I have a confession to make. My favorite character is in this book, and neither of them are it. I really, really enjoy Seamus O'Brien, the leprechaun in the tapestry. I had a lot of fun writing him -- in fact, he has no current published equal among my characters, although Mr. Underwood in STRESS RELIEF (my upcoming release) just might run him a very close second.

What about you-all? Any favorite characters of mine? Who would you like to meet in a dark alley or on a cold winter's night?

Play safe -- and thanks!

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