Sunday, March 08, 2009

It's hard to self promote, I've decided. We're taught right from the beginning that bragging just isn't done. It's okay to be proud of your accomplishments, but one should never brag about them. And yet, isn't that what a lot of promotion is? It's saying, "Here! Look at me! Look at how wonderful I am! Buy me! Buy my books!"

And now The Bondage Awards are accepting nominations and I find myself putting the word out there and asking for people to go nominate me. And if, by some outside chance I actually end up in the running, I will be going back to my readers and asking them to vote again -- taking time out of their busy days to put in a vote for me as Best Bondage Writer.

LOL...Best Bondage Writer? See what I mean? Talk about chutzpah! And yet, that's exactly the award I'd love to win. And if I just keep quiet and don't tell people about it, then nothing happens. And when I DO tell people, I sound like an egotistical, promotion-hungry author who doesn't have anything better to do but troll for votes (sighing).

So maybe I should just face facts: if I want to get nominated, I need to be the publicity whore and beg for votes. Hmmm..."beg for votes"....perhaps the better metaphor is a submissive begging to come?

I will end this rambling post with one last thought:


Play safe,

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