Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did you know this week is READ AN EBOOK WEEK? What a wonderful way to go green and help save a tree...read an ebook!

The blogosphere has been filled with discussions of the Kindle 2 and new IPhone apps that allow you to download and read ebooks in comfort. Some say ebooks are popular because of the ease of use, others because reading a novel electronically keeps nosy neighbors from judging you by your book choice. Whatever your reason or your device, the reality is that ebooks are taking off as a medium of reading.

To celebrate the mainstream finally catching up with what a lot of us already knew, and to honor Mother Nature (the original International Woman) by letting her keep a few of her trees, I am offering a free download of one of my novellas to anyone who emails me this week. What novella you ask? Since it's March and we soon will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day, what better story to celebrate with than STITCHES IN TIME, a tale that includes a romantic hero and a sexy heroine (of course!), the city of Dublin at this most festive time (appropriate, don't you think?) and one very nefarious leprechaun who is determined to get our hero and heroine together if it's the last thing he does (and it very well might be!).

So celebrate READ AN EBOOK WEEK with me and send an email to diana@dianahunter.net. Put "Free ebook" in the subject line so your email doesn't get lost and I'll send along a copy of STITCHES IN TIME -- on me!

Play safe -- and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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