Friday, November 03, 2006

Read this great article entitled "Are you an Internet Addict?" and had to answer with a resounding, "YES!" I went down through the list of symptoms and know I have five of the eight.

I definitely like having the latest Internet gadgets, even if I don't exactly know how to use them to their fullest capability.

I often wonder if I have email and usually have the window up all the time so I can just maximize and hit "check email" 'cause I don't want to miss something important.

I go online to escape...not to escape problems so much as escaping characters who won't behave!

Disregarding emotional or physical consequences of staring at the computer screen for so long? Heck, I have glasses...and aspirin. What more do I need?

General decrease in physical activity or social life? What's a social life? And I'm pretty sure getting up to use the bathroom or visit the fridge counts as physical activity.

That's the five. So am I an addict? Yeah, I probably am. Especially since I have one more symptom this blogger doesn't mention... I'm sitting here blogging about other people's blogs!

Have fun and play safe,

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