Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The world is shy one deer after this morning I've had. Dark, rainy roads...oncoming traffic. Difficult to see much, so I'm driving under the 55 mph speed limit (admittedly, not by much, but I WAS under it). A deer standing in the middle of the road. Just standing there. Looking at me. Of course, I had about three-quarters of a second to register this fact before the thud came and I saw it flying past my window.

Damn. Not even a year old, either...although in that shortened second between sight and impact it looked huge. I pulled over, the oncoming car pulled over...he got out and pulled the deer from the road and went on. I got out...several yards up the road and watched, pulling my cell phone out as I did so.

I'm fine. The deer has gone to Heaven (yes, I believe animals have souls). The accident has been reported to the police (thank goodness I had my laptop in the car while I waited for the officer to come make a report. Because there were no injuries to anyone except the deer, I wasn't a high priority as I sat in my car waiting for an hour before a member of the K-9 unit came to write it up for me. Got bored, so took out my next story and got to work editing it. Tease, tease!). I've gotten my estimate ($1500 to the front corner of my car...a Hyundai Elantra. Hood's okay...headlight's smashed. Front bumper is only crumpled a little and the side panel has a rip in it). Now I'm home and have decided work can do without me for the day.

I hate the fact that I just killed a deer...and one less than a year old, at that. Seems such a waste. The philosophical part of me keeps looking for the reason behind it, but the practical side of me just says, 'get over it. Accidents happen.' The practical side of me also says, 'Don't waste the day you were given....get writing!'

So I'm off to get a cup of hot chocolate and find a comfortable spot to curl up in. The house is strangely quiet...I'm not used to being home in the middle of the day. But something tells me, I will enjoy the unexpected time alone.

Play safe...and watch for deer!


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