Sunday, November 05, 2006

Any Second Lifers out there?

I sent this out to my fans via newsletter...then realized that perhaps this is the better home for it.

My new obsession (besides writing, of course!). If you haven't heard of Second Life, you will. It's the next MySpace. Place has been around for about five years, but is just now coming into it's own.

What's the difference you ask? Well, Second Life (SL) uses avatars that you can customize to the nth degree. Make it look like you...make it look like Catherine Zeta-Jones...your choice. No one uses their RL (Real Life) names...although I do use my first name. You choose your last name from a list, so I'm Diana Allandale on SL. There's a real economy and you can buy and sell cyber stuff...or real stuff. Toyota has a dealership out there and Reuters just put a real-life reporter "on the scene" to report on SL happenings. Go to concerts...take a class...gamble...the whole world is recreated.

Now, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Like's all in the user. Yes, there are "griefers" who are annoying. Yes, the land is expensive (and no, I can't afford to buy any yet). Yes, gambling and cybersex is VERY available. But then again, so are online courses and some wonderful shops (if you're there, check out Shakespeare & Company!). So, for the most part, asking if Second Life is a good thing or a bad thing, is like Real Life a good thing or a bad thing?

So if you're out and about in SL, look for me, Diana Allandale! I'm sometimes at the Bondage Cafe (where else?), but I think if you do a search, you'll find me wherever I am (guilty secret...I like to hang out in the chairs that pay you to sit there and fill in to make the place look full. You get paid a minimal amount...but like I said...I don't have many Linden dollars and I'll take what jobs I can! LOL Besides which, I can sit there...and have my file open and be writing away at the same time!).

As always...and whether in real or Second life...PLAY SAFE!


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Anonymous said...

I saw your name at our Nantucket sim, part of East End properties in SL. Look forward to meeting you .... Montecore Babcock