Monday, July 24, 2006


Many thanks to Melissa at Paperbacks and Things for a GREAT booksigning experience. She throws quite a party, let me tell you! If you ever get the chance to go to her store, DO IT! She's an incredible lady who makes everyone feel at home. Her store is great, too...with places to sit and chat about books, philosophy, or the kids at home. And believe me, we covered all those bases and more this past Saturday!

Also, I need to send some thanks over to Debbie E for the pictures you can find here. My Dear Heart and I decided to turn this tour into a family vacation, so we went to Cedar Point last Thursday, the booksigning in Cleveland on Friday, Paperbacks and Things on Saturday and Greenfield Village yesterday, the Ford plant and Henry Ford Museum today and home tomorrow. My Internet usage is spotty, so am posting this now while I can. Will post a LOT more when I get home.

till then, play safe!

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