Friday, August 18, 2006

Susan Gable made a great post regarding buying used vs new books. This is such a touchy subject...and she does a great job explaining why authors tend to push the sales of new books rather than used (bottom line: authors don't get any royalties on the used book). Problem is, explaining that to readers without coming across as capitalistic pigs isn't exactly easy.

That's why I like Susan's post so much. She explains the ins and outs (and freely admits she often buys used or uses the library as well. In the interest of complete disclosure here, I have to admit to the same, although our library doesn't stock erotica titles...!) without coming across as whiny or money-hungry. A fine line to walk...and she manages it quite well.

Hmmm...wonder if subliminal messages would work? Note to self: figure out how to encode BUY MY BOOKS NEW into the text of every email message and posting I make...LOL

In the meantime, Play safe!

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