Friday, May 19, 2006

EC has the Tales from the Oasis series...I have my Tales from RT!

Let's see...there was no hotel shuttle on Wednesday (despite my standing in front of an ad that said there was, the hotel denied having any such service and told me to take a taxi. I did.). Ruby and I were going to meet, but hadn't set up a time or place. We figured we'd just find each other once we were here. That was before we knew the RT convention space was spread all over the hotel and that it was a quarter mile hike between the two main venues.

But we found each other at fact, yesterday (Thursday) Ruby, Lynn LaFleur, Nikki Soarde and I walked down the boardwalk to get pizza. We were joined by Ruby's sister, mother and daughter (these women are a kick!) and later by two reviewers from FAR! But again, I'm jumping ahead...

Back to Rodney. He's so sweet. If you've forgotten, Rodney is the cover model on the Tales From the Temple III that I have a short story in. Did you know he's competing for the Mr. Romance title this year? He has MY vote, that's for sure!

EC decided to offer pictures with the cover models at the party this year with the proceeds going to the Montel Williams MS Foundation. I went over to get my pic taken with Rodney and found poor Kelly and Cindy going crazy. The line got long VERY fast and they hadn't expected the volume of sales, so they were short-staffed. I volunteered to run the printer so they could do the selling and photography, respectively. LOL That was at 9: 30. At 11:30 I was still at the printer, getting pics out to people. Amazng response!

So no dancing for me Wednesday night. Missed the cover models, who did a solo performance in the middle of the evening. But then again, I sat and watched all the pics being taken of them and saw all the prints. Terrible job, to have to look at them all night long...but then again...I don't mind sacrificing myself.

But yes, I got my pic with Rodney!

Yesterday (Thursday) was a busy day as well...and finally got to dance last night some. OH!!! There will be some REALLY, REALLY good news coming soon! Only telling you it's coming right going to wait until it's official to actually announce. But it's WONDERFUL! (tease, tease!).

Am off to lunch now...will write more later!
Play safe,

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