Sunday, August 15, 2004

I am back from the Land of the Mouse...and just in time! Hurricane Charley would have been right on our tails up the coast had we stayed...and the eye went right over the spot where we had been a week earlier. Our little tent trailer would have been ripped to shreds! I'm so glad we went when we did and did not delay our trip as my son wanted.

But I am back and have just completed the first round of edits on DIAMONDS IN THE SNOW. I like this story a lot. Probably because I've let my own mischivous side come out with Carolyn. And Paul is...well, every woman's dream, of course! Just what one would order if one had the opportunity. Caring, sensitive...and with a secret about himself he dares to tell no one.

While on vacation, I began a new story...will be writing some today to see if it goes anywhere. Part of the fun of writing is getting to know on an extremely intimate basis, so many different characters!

Till later, play safe!

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