Thursday, October 17, 2013

A request

Back in the early part of 2012, I wrote a special story for some special friends. Heath Vercher asked me to write a short story detailing a very special Valentine's evening and I was happy to oblige. I don't often write commissioned stories, but this was for a wonderful couple so very much in love, how could I resist? He chose the setting (Houston, Texas) and the hotel (Hotel Zaza) and I supplied the sizzle and steam. His wife loved the story and they gave me permission to publish it as A Night to Remember (for a direct Amazon link, click here)

I wish this story has a happy ending, but it doesn't. At the end of September, Heath's wife, Tania, was killed in a case of road rage. Their son was taken to the hospital in critical condition. No, the anger of the driver wasn't directed at them, but as his own wife and child. In an attempt to run them off the road, the driver ran into Tania instead, killing her instantly. AJ, their two-year-old son, died the following day.

The enormity of such rage, rage so huge it wanted only to hurt, is something I don't understand. But I cannot sit by and simply shake my head and say, "That's awful," or "That's too bad." In the face of hatred, all I know how to do is love.

And so, from now until the end of the year, all proceeds from A Night to Remember will be donated to Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Heath has friends who have a child with SMA and he and Tania used to help at fundraisers for the organization. When I told him I wanted to do this, needed to do this, he suggested donating to this charity in their name.

Let's make this a big donation, folks. The tally starts now, so any copy you purchase between now and December 31st will help out. If you choose to give directly, please be sure to give in the name of Tania and AJ Vercher.

To purchase A Night to Remember in the format of your choice, click here and scroll down the page.

Thank you all,


edited Friday, Oct. 18th.

WOW! You guys are wonderful! We've raised $100 overnight. Thanks and let's keep it up! :)


Anonymous said...

Purchased from nook just now.

Pamela Clare said...

What a heartbreaking tragedy! I just bought the Kindle version. My thoughts are with Heath and all who loved Tania and AJ.

Jackie said...

Such a tragic & needless waste of two beautiful lives, & such heartbreak for their loved ones left behind. I have, of course, downloaded the book on Kindle.

Tammy said...

Just purchased. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.

Diana Hunter said...

Thanks Pamela, Jackie and Tammy -and to all who have (or are in the process) of purchasing a copy. The response has been wonderful. You all are the best!

Betty said...

Just bought mine from Amazon. Praying for all. said...

Will buy. How devastating. Bless you for your good heart.

Diana Hunter said...

Thank you, Jane. Be sure to spread the news. The proceeds will be donated on all sales of the book through December 31st.