Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Writing prompt!

Since I've been blabbing on and on over the past few weeks about some of the externals of writing (clothes, grief and royalty-tracking), I think it's time we remembered why we're here in the first place -- to write good stories.

If you haven't started something new in a while, here's a chance to dump all your troubles, your manuscripts that are giving you grief and ignore the cares of the world for a while. Choose a prompt below and spend at least a half an hour throwing some spaghetti to see what happens. Remember, practice is important and so is reflection, so once you're done, set it aside and take out your journal. Think about how it felt to start something brand new again and write about process.


1. Choose a prompt below and write for at least a half an hour on it.

2. Set it aside and take out your writer's journal and write a reflection. Use about 10 minutes to write about your process or about what it feels like to start a new story.


A. I woke up this morning and the sky was green....(First person prompt. Go!)

B. Protagonist: wants to sleep in
    Antagonist: wants to go to church

C. Character One cannot get the new program on the computer to work. Character Two is getting tired of having to show Character One the same things over and over. You decide which is the protagonist and which the antagonist and write the scene where things come to a head.

D. Look out your window and describe what you see there (characters optional in this one :) ).

Have fun, play safe and leave a tip! Once I retire from my day job (which will be soon!!!), this becomes one of my sources of income :)


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