Monday, March 04, 2013

Under His Spell near a record!

Although Under His Spell is available in several places, the book is nearing the next level of sales at A1AdultEbooks - and I am so psyched! If it goes over, this will be my biggest seller there (Over My Enslaved Body also reached Gold Level several years ago).

In order to reach ANY of the levels, the book has to sell a certain number of titles in the first 28 days of sale. Under His Spell's countdown started when it was released a week ago. In that seven days, it easily slid past silver and into gold. A few more sales (ten at last count) and it will make platinum!

So if you don't have your copy yet, go to A1AdultEbooks -- they have all formats for all ebook readers. Let's push this puppy up the Bestseller list (it's currently holding at #7) and get it to platinum!


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