Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shooting Star releases!

I'm pleased to announce that Shooting Star is now officially released on all ebook platforms!

Here's the blurb:

Earth Captain III is coming to town.

Davison, NY, hasn’t seen this much excitement in decades. A real Hollywood movie is going to film right in their little village! Callie, Laura and Josh are caught up in the excitement, one looking for a story, one looking for love, one looking for acceptance amid the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

But the last Earth Captain movie brings more than romance...it also brings death. And one of the three is the target.

And here's a spicy excerpt you won't find anywhere else! Yes, this is a murder-mystery, but it's also an erotic romance :)

Laura felt herself sway with the heady arousal he’d managed to evoke. She hadn’t lied when she told Alex how horny she was. And it wasn’t because she wasn’t getting any. Her toys kept her plenty satisfied.
But this, the human touch, the male touch, made a world of difference. And the bondage? Holy shit, why hadn’t she tried this earlier? Hot damn but the little ripples of fear in her belly kept her aroused and ready and, if she were being honest with herself, needy. Part of her wanted him to fuck her right there against the wall of his trailer, part of her hoped he would string this out forever. This constant being on the edge? Oh, yeah. She liked this. A lot. And those kisses around the ball gag that made her drool? She’d tried to return the kiss, to let him know she wanted more, but he’d moved away too fast and she wasn’t sure she’d gotten her message across.
He stood before her, cupping her shoulders and she tried to put the message in her eyes. Keep going. Don’t stop now.
“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you, Laura?”
Alex’s eyes twinkled as he said it and she tried to agree but it came out, “Ery nauy,” so she nodded to make sure he understood.
“Naughty girls need to be spanked.” He took her nipple in his fingers again and squeezed. Steeling herself as the pain increased, she knew her pussy flooded again. He pulled her nipple toward him and in spite of her intent to remain still and take what he gave, she took a step forward.
“That’s right, come along.” Alex pulled her breast out again. She had no choice but to follow him to the kitchen area of the RV as he used her own body as a leash.
“The table looks cold. Oh, well.” Without any real regret, Alex pulled her nipple down toward the hard surface. Laura understood. She was to lie across the table and expose her ass for his spanking. Locking her knees against their sudden weakness, she spread her feet for balance and leaned forward. Her breasts touched the cold fake-wood top and she flinched.
Taking a deep breath, she turned to the side and laid her head down first, her cheek against the coolness. Her hard nipples brushed the surface and only grew harder before she let all the air out of her lungs and relaxed her body along the tabletop.
“Nicely done.”
Laura felt a little thrill go through her at his compliment. So much of this was new to her. He’d said compliant and she wasn’t really sure she could deliver on her promise. The fact that she’d done something well, even if it was something relatively simple, made her feel like she’d taken a good solid step forward along whatever path this was.
She felt his hands on her leg. “Shift your weight and give this to me,” he instructed. She did and he moved her foot so her legs were nearly four feet apart. In this position, she couldn’t raise herself off the table. Which was precisely the point, she realized. He wanted control over her, he wanted her unable to move on her own. Well, he’d gotten it and the warmth the understanding gave her emanated straight from her pussy all throughout her body.
His heat warmed her when he lay his palm on her ass. She could feel the cloth of his pants brushing against her inner thighs. He still hadn’t undressed while she lay here naked on his kitchen table? Her mind reeled with all the unspoken implications.
“Yes, Laura, you’re a very naughty girl. You deserve a spanking, don’t you?”

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today

PS. The print edition will be out as soon as I receive my proof copy. If it looks good, it'll be out by the end of the month!
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