Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pissed off

Okay, guys. I'm done. Over 2000 people had signed up for my Yahoo!Group over the past nine years. I removed over 900 of them for bouncing emails before moving the list over to MailChimp in switching newsletters. That left just over 1300 people.

First newsletter I had problems with people who forgot they'd signed up for the newsletter and who marked it as spam. A red-flag went up at Mail Chimp and they thought I was using their service to send out junk emails. I explained the problem, they understood. I added the caveat at the start of my newsletters about unsubscribing rather than dumping me into the trash bin.

My complaint rate for Newsletter #3 was zero as a result and I was thrilled. People listened!

Yeah, not so much. I still have a huge number of people who never open the email at all. This month .7% of them called the newsletter spam without ever opening it. Yes, that is point 7 percent. Mail Chimp is adamant about not sending spam...and so am I. As a result, my account is once more shut down until they look into it. I've pled my case, I hope they listen.

If I get my account back, let me warn you all now. I've sent a total of four newsletters over the past five months (less than one a month) since I made the switch. If you have not opened 3 out of the 4, I am removing your name from the list and you will receive no further updates on works in progress or new releases. I have no choice but to take drastic action or I will be shut down permanently.

To those of you who DO open the newsletters, thank you. I promise something special in the next newsletter for those who remain on the list as a special way of saying thanks.


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