Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today was not a wasted day.

I have to keep telling myself that. I didn't write a single word, I didn't write anything down on paper or type anything into the computer. I did only a single load of laundry and I did run the dishwasher.

And then I sat in the air conditioning of my study and played solitaire on the computer for several hours, going over my current work in progress, trying out plot points in my head, exploring characters by taking them down this path, then backing up and trying another. Playing solitaire keeps my hands and one part of my brain busy, allowing the creative side of my brain to daydream plots to my heart's content.

Since Sunday afternoon I've written over seven thousand words on a brand-new story. I only wrote 600 words yesterday because I could feel it veering off track. But I didn't know how or where it had gone astray. I thought about opening the file and giving it a go today, but now I'm glad I didn't. In all my "daydreaming" today, I think I have it figured out and tomorrow I will hack and slash, rewrite and wrestle this puppy onto the right track.

So today was not a wasted day. Really.

Play safe,

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