Sunday, July 03, 2011

First of all, thank you to all who participated in the survey over at the Sizzling Scribes. That poll is now closed and here are the results:

What is the highest you'll pay for a short story?

You’re all over the board on this one. 9% say you’ll pay nothing; you want it free. 9% say the top you’ll pay is $.49, which is almost free. I'd lump them together and say 18% really don't want to pay anything for a short story. NOTE: I did not define any set length in the definition of "short story."

27% say you’ll pay up to $1.99, but the majority -- 55% -- weighed in at $.99 being the top dollar for a short story.

What is the highest price you'll pay for a novella?

27% said $1.99
46% said $2.99
18% said $3.99
9%   said $4.99

Looks like the $1.99-2.99 range has it for a novella.

What is the highest price you'll pay for a full-length novel?

This was evenly split between $4.99 (5 votes) and $9.99 (6 votes). NO ONE voted for less money ($9.99 was the highest price I listed)

What ebook format do you prefer?

Kindle won, hands down. 73%
next came .pdf at 37%
the Nook got one vote

Since several of us Scribes are in the process of moving some of our older works into the self-published realm, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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