Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Release Alert!!!

King Janaka has a problem. The time has come to marry off his eldest daughter, Sita, but it's his opinion that no man exists who is worthy of his little girl. Seeing a way to keep her by his side, he proposes an impossible-to-win contest, confident no man will ever accomplish the deed he sets forth.

What Janaka never expects, however, is for his daughter to fall in love, or for the boy she falls in love with - to be a god incarnate!

Long-time followers of this blog will remember the three short stories from the Ramayana I put out last year. Starting today, you can download those stories, plus one previously unpublished story, ON THE KINDLE!

Tales from the Ramayana contains four stories for $2.99, including The Wedding (you knew Ram and Sita just had to end up together!). Currently only available on the Kindle, it will be coming soon to the Nook and, as soon as I can figure them out, other epub formats. This is so exciting!

Yes, I plan to continue with another set of stories. After all, Ram is a prince of Kosala -- destined to someday become king and we all want to see that coronation, right?

In the meantime, get your Kindle copy today!

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CJ said...

Thes tales are on my Kindle and it took me a while to get in the stories, but once past the 3 pages, I read them all n one sitting. I really like this version and would recommend them. Not you everyday stories, but well worth reading.