Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just a catching-up post tonight. This week I've finished writing (and editing) a new book, I've read a few others and tonight, I made one heck of a batch of tapioca pudding. I think I like warm tapioca just as much as I do a deep, dark, rich chocolate. The first one brings the comfort of hearth and home, the second brings sensual, erotic desires to the surface. Ahh, the wonders a simple taste can provoke!

I won't wax raphsodic over food tonight (can you tell I'm counting calories again?) but I will add to my list of books I read this year. I've totally finished the InkWorld series -- and will go back and re-read sections of Inkdeath just because I enjoyed them. I also read Nora Robert's O'Hurley series (three sisters and a brother). They were quick reads since they're novellas, two to a book. She must have one heck of a research team to get the depth of detail she does with every novel of hers I've ever read. Very cool.

This week I've also thrown some spaghetti on the wall, trying out some stories I'd started in the past and working on them a little more to see if they're ready to progress. One did, quite nicely, in fact. I'm thinking it'll be my next project.

And of course, I've shoveled snow. Again. Always. It's snowing again as I type this. C'mon Puxatawny Phil -- bring that spring here!

Play safe, everyone!
PS. REMEMBERED LOVE made it to #4 on Amazon's Bestseller list for free Erotic Romances before dropping again to #5, but did you know LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON is also available on the Kindle? It's a quickie and is less than $3.00! If you're looking for something a little longer (and a little more expensive) try DIAMONDS IN THE SNOW, now available on the Kindle :)


Virginia E said...

The O'Hurley stories were originally written for Silhoutte Special Editions back in the late1980's.

Cindy Duprey said...

I saw that on the copyright page. I'm glad they re-released them since I missed them the first time around!