Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If you haven't gone over to the website in a while, check it out: Mirus Group did a great job with a that was sorely needed. The previous one had been done by yours truly and looked it. While I was quite proud of what I did (and AM proud of it), the reality was that it looked like it had been designed by someone who didn't know much about webdesign. And since my forte is in storytelling and NOT webdesign...well...let's just say it was time.

I am running a contest comparing the old and new designs. If you want to get in on that (free download or print book of any of my current releases is the prize), head on over to my newsletter and get the details.

On the story front, New York Oasis is now renamed A New York Moment...a much better title, I think. And it looks like EC will not be publishing it under that imprint. My editor thinks it might be better placed with EC's as-yet-unnamed erotica line, since the romance in this little Quickie is not as important as the sexual activity. Not too hot for EC, but not romantic enough. But I had fun with it, and may write some more in this vein just to explore the dynamics between the hero and heroine. Will keep you posted as to when it might be available for purchase!

Frankenstein's Captain, a novella-length paranormal, should be finished by the end of June...and back to my editor. She told me it needed more...and as usual, she was right. It needs an entire chapter! (Was going to tell you what I was writing, but don't want to spoil the story...not really trying to be a tease. Well, okay, maybe a little one... ). Am working on that and hope to get the story completed and out to the public by autumn.

Stop by my website and let me know what you think of the changes!

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Bad Girl Sub said...

Just wanted to say hi. I'm new to Blogger and found you in the D/s interest :)

Diana said...

Hi, Bad Girl Sub...welcome to the blogsphere! If you have any questions, feel free to ask...someone's bound to know the answer (no pun intended!)