Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'd like to send out a special thank you to two great writing pals, Ruby Storm and Ruth Kerce. We were put together two years ago to write a Valentine's Day anthology for Ellora's Cave. Up until that point, we had never had a conversation with each other, let alone written together.

But Fate, God or Inspiration was at work the day EC assigned the three of us to work together. Writing Diamond Studs with them was tremendous fun...and the contests we've held together (mostly designed by Ruth...I just ride her technological coattails) set new records for entries.

Because we had so much fun the first time around, we're writing stories together again. Winter Studs will be our next endeavor and although each story will be released in ebook form separately (as it stands now), the print stories will be bound together in one volume for release later.

So why the thank you to Ruth and Ruby? Over the past two years we've become great online friends. Although I've met Ruby only twice and Ruth not at all in person, I count the two as special friends and just needed to let them know their support and encouragement is appreciated. So Ruth and Ruby...listen up, Stud-dettes! {{{{Hugs}}} and thank you!

And if you haven't read any of their work? Head on over to their sites and take a peek...you'll be glad you did!

Ruby Storm Ruth D. Kerce

Play safe,

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