Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I feel so much like I've been spinning my wheels these past few months when it comes to writing stories. So many started...and so few finished. The story for Lady Jaided had the first deadline, but it took three starts to find the one that stuck. The story for WINTER STUDS ... a new anthology of STUD stories from Ruby Storm, Ruth Kerce and me is now half done (and is supposed to be submitted by March 31st...sigh). I have so many started, I finally wrote them down:

Frankenstein's Captain (formerly the "Lady Jaided story"-- now complete and actually in my editor's in-box!)

12 Days of Christmas (a semi-whimsical/semi-serious look at bondage throughout the last 2 1/2 centuries, tracing bondage toys passed from generation to generation, each chapter a new generation and a new addition to the collection. I got to day four and realized it's going to be HUGE...a plus novel for sure!)

The Smith Opera House Mysteries (murder-mystery type with romance aplenty. Set in the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY, taking full advantage of my love of theatre. I've performed on that stage a few times and it's the perfect setting for ghosts, murder...and love. One of the stories is almost half done, the other just started. Will be at least two books. If I ever get the time to write them!)

A Devil of a Winter (for the WINTER STUDS anthology...is half done).

Those are the ones I've been working on since October. So when I look back, I can see I've been busy. But since so little is actually finished...I'm a bit frustrated. And that's not even including other stories I've got floating around in limbo:

New York Oasis (originally written for EC's 2006 anthology series, now under consideration as an independent novella. Finished, but needs massive rewrites as I'm rethinking the characters somewhat)

Diamond Heat (actually, my first attempt for the DIAMOND STUDS anth. but I like it and would like to get back to it someday)

and a bunch of others not far enough along to be considered. Can you blame me? I think I've enough above to deal with. The others will just have to wait their turns! LOL

So if you want to know what's coming from the pen of Diana Hunter? One, some or all of the above!

Off to write (Devil in Winter has my attention at the moment...)

Play safe,

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