Thursday, October 13, 2005

I went to a terrific series of workshops today and learned a slew of 'stuff' about some of the new internet tools. Not only blogging, but RSS and podcasting and wikis as well. Lots I had heard of, but haven't yet had the time to play with. Guess I'll be making that time...although it will mean I need to set aside my latest story.

And what is the latest? LOL Depends on the day and my mood. I've thought about a sequel to Secret Submission...and actually written about 4000 words or so exploring Sarah and Phillip's move to a 24/7 relationship. Already have a title, too: Submission Revealed.

Then there's a Civil War historical novel I've been working on for several years. Thought I'd dig it out and give it another go. The story is a true one...about a man and his brother who enlist in the same Union regiment in August of 1863 and end up prisoners of war four weeks later. The story follows their first year in the army...from their capture at Harper's Ferry to the battle of Gettysburg a year later. I'm thinking of it for Cerridwen Press.

And then there's another one I haven't yet begun to write, but have been researching off and on for the past 6 months. More off than on. I had just about given up on it...but every time I do, the main character's name shows up in some odd place and gets me thinking again. We'll see where that goes.

Of course, I also have a fantasy novel I've been trying to start for two years...the synopsis is all set and I love the story, but can't seem to get the characters to sit still long enough to show me the opening scene. I've written about five starts...and not one of them is worth the computer space they take up.

See now why I might as well take some time to learn the whole RSS thing?

Till later,

Play safe!

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