Friday, June 17, 2005

IRISH ENCHANTMENT is now available in paperback! Hooray! I have often said, "Stitches in Time," the piece I have in that anthology, is my favorite of all my stories. Just a bit of fun...

June is a busy month as the school year ends for my two children...last concerts, recitals, dance performances...and so I'm a bit behind on my edits for CABIN FEVER. My goal is to have it back to Pam no later than the 25th...and I'll make it. I only have 70 pages to go. Of course, they're the toughest 70 pages in the book. The climax at the end and the resolution are always the hardest parts for me to write. I really like getting to know the characters in a book...and if I really, really like them...then I don't want the book to end!

But I know there are readers who are eagerly awaiting this plus-length novel (73K and rising). So I shall put my nose to the grindstone and get back to work...

Play safe,

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