Thursday, May 13, 2004

Okay, two weeks is way too long to go without a post. My apologies. Real life has a way of rearing its head...and with a vengeance. As a result, there hasn't been much time to write.

I'm discovering my writing has a cycle of its own. My first manuscript was accepted for publication about a year ago (that was Secret Submission). But I found it difficult to find time for the rewrites needed until the end of June when school lets out and the Mommy-Taxi gets a long break! But over the summer, I had plenty of time to dedicate to writing, and not only finished those rewrites, but wrote "Stitches in Time" for the Irish Enchantment anthology as well!

So I'm not panicking. The thoughts still are tooling around in my head; I'm doing some reading of other authors (sharpening that saw!), getting the garden in order and planting flowers and vegetables. In between, I taxi my two perfect children to dance class and baseball, to friends' houses and sleepovers. And on occasion, I actually get a chance to write a few pages.

The life of a writer is the life of reality reflected through the lens of the written word. And right now, I'm building up my pictures so I may write of them later.

Take care,

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