Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Four books, one low price!

Now available! All four books bundled together in one set. In Secret Submission and Submission Revealed, Phillip and Sarah Townshend have quite the set of experiences, both in and out of the bedroom. Thank goodness for friends like Will and Jill who are there to pick up the pieces!

John and Lauren find themselves needing those friends in Services Rendered. As a Civil War re-enactor, John enjoys the sound of cannon and the thrill of (safely!) charging the field. But Lauren's nursing of real soldiers on real battlefields leaves her baffled by his hobby. Thankfully Phillip, Sarah, Will and Jill are all there to help their friends through.

What happens to couples that enjoy their sex BDSM kinky after ten years? Phillip and Sarah are back again in Diamond Submission - ready to celebrate that milestone anniversary in a very exciting way!

All four books are still available separately or get them bundled today (click on the picture for the bundle)!

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Secret Submission print    Secret Submission ebook

Submission Revealed print    Submission Revealed ebook

Services Rendered print    Services Rendered ebook

Diamond Submission ebook

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