Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow stories

Having grown up in Rochester, NY and watched the Snow Bowl between my hometown, Syracuse and Buffalo each year (which city could take the title as "Snowiest City"), it's been with some amusement that I've watched Snowstorm Jonas take over the news.

Please don't misunderstand me. This storm brought snow to places that normally don't get it. They are woefully unprepared for snow removal and the drivers in those areas have no clue that snow driving requires a different set of skills. Even an inch or two of snow can throw everything into a tizzy let alone several inches when you're not used to it. So I get that this was a serious storm. 

My husband and I, however, both are used to feet of snow dropping in a single storm, so even after all the dire predictions, we still headed to New York City on Wednesday last, knowing we'd be coming home right in the middle of the Snow-mageddon. We took the train, as is our wont (don't drive in Manhattan if you don't need to. It's not worth the aggravation of dodging taxis, trying to figure out the one-way streets, or trying to find a place to park). 

We had a great time, seeing four plays in three days. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime was my favorite. In fact, I think it might've been the best Broadway show I've ever seen, bar none. A crisp, clean production that was flawless in execution and breathtaking in its beauty. I'd read the book and found the play a wonderful interpretation of the story. And stay after the curtain call for a phenomenal extra that blew everyone's mind.

We also saw Something's Rotten -- which is a send-up of musicals over the years. References are made to nearly every Broadway Tony Award-winning musical of the last 30 years and that made it fun. I laughed out loud several times.

The reason we went was to see George Takai and Lee Salonga in Allegiance. It's closing as of February, which is unfortunate. While I found the book a little clumsy in places, overall, it was a wonderful production of a difficult time in America's history. In fact, its a history we've tried to shove under the rug and shouldn't. Especially since we have Presidential candidates who want to relive it in the most negative way possible.

The last show we saw was Finding Neverland. I was most impressed with Matthew Morrison's voice. I'd seen him on the first few episodes of Glee, but since I didn't follow the show, had never heard him sing. What incredible control he has over his instrument! The others on stage were outclassed, that was for sure. Well, except for Kelsey Grammar. He's not a singer, although he has a strong character voice, and his sense of comic timing is nothing short of impeccable. :)

The snow started falling as we left the theatre on Friday night and by morning, the city had four or five inches. But nothing had been plowed and the only sidewalks that were shoveled were those of the shop owners who were doing it themselves. We stayed at the Hotel Edison and had several blocks to walk to get to Penn Station. We made it as far as the Subway station and then headed underground to take the train. Suitcases are not made for snow and, even though they had wheels, all they did was act as little plows to build up snow as we pulled them along. That meant carrying them and, of course, we'd bought souvenirs for the kids so....

But Penn Station was warm and cozy - well, as cozy as a waiting room can be when trains south and east and west are all being cancelled. Only the trains going north were still running. What direction are we going? North, of course. Not only was our train running, it was on time, too!

So we pulled out of the station with a full car that pretty much emptied at Albany. We'd run out of snow at Poughkeepsie but could still see the edge of the snow snowstorm all the way north. Got home to sunshine and dry roads.

I've seen New York in many sorts of weather, but this was my first snowstorm. Part of me wanted to get snowed in and see it in all it's winter wonderland glory, but part of me was saying, "It's just snow, guys. And not even good packing snow." In any case, I'm glad we got out and came home to watch the rest of the events on TV. And since Broadway went dark, we might as well be home. :)

We visited a few other places in the city while we were there, but those are posts for another day.
Play safe -- in the snow or otherwise!



Heather OBrien said...

Sounds like you had an incredible time. You've convinced me that I need to go to my first Broadway show.

Diana Hunter said...

When you do, let me know what you thought about the experience. Straight plays or musicals, I love the theatre!