Sunday, August 09, 2015

Not dead...just writing

Sorry I haven't posted here much lately. Been working steadily on a new Mystic Shade title I hope to have out before the end of the week. HER MASTER'S VOICE is currently in edits and my goal is to finish them tomorrow. Then formatting, cover production and uploading!

I started writing this book June 30th and it was done in about three weeks. Well, the first draft, anyway. The characters, however, didn't want to stop talking and I've written another entire book with them since then. One more chapter and I think HER MASTER'S VOICE, Book 2 will be complete. Will have to remember to add Book 1 to the first cover (mock-up is already done).

These are Mystic Shade titles, though, make no mistake. Where Diana Hunter focuses on the romance of a relationship, Mystic is much more brutal. There's a reason her books are "for the shadier sides of our desires." Mystic's stories are dark, dangerous, and skirt the line (sometimes crossing right over it) of sense and propriety. They are dark fantasies, the ones we have that we would never, ever, admit to having. The heroines do not always consent, the heroes are not always nice. The Stockholm Syndrome is often in effect and both parties like it that way.

In fact, that's why I use two different pen names: to help readers differentiate between the two types of books. Not everyone likes dark fantasy. Some don't like happily-ever-after endings and others don't like historical fiction. It's all good. Life would be pretty boring if we all liked the same thing. So I use the different names to help readers know what they're going to get. Diana will always give you a happy ending, Mystic will always make you squirm (and CF Duprey will always write about the Civil War!).

So if you're a Mystic Shade fan, be on the lookout! I'll make an announcement (and post an excerpt) when the first book comes out later this week.

'Til then...Play safe!

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