Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Newly released!

Great news! REMEMBERED LOVE is once more available. This short story, formerly at Ellora's Cave, is now re-released as a separate, stand-alone title. Currently available only at Smashwords, it will be at Amazon in a day or so (they take a little longer to go live because they insist on checking covers for "suitability". I already have one title banned there because the cover doesn't fit their sense of propriety).

Val knows all her husband’s moves and their sex life has become mundane despite their love for one another. Then Gary suggests adding a little kink to their sex life and she discovers a whole new side of him—a side that suddenly makes their marriage very, very exciting.

Ooh...spice in a marriage! What a concept. :)

Pick up a copy of this today - and don't forget to leave a review! Those sentences you write are what drives numbers nowadays.

Play safe!

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