Friday, January 02, 2015

Time for Resolutions - or at least one resolution...

A new year rolls around and resolutions abound. Last year I resolved to write more...a lot more. Life, as long-time readers know, got in the way in the first half of the year, but retirement from the day job allowed for the luxury of time in the last quarter of the year.

Still, it was a good year, with the completion of one Mystic Shade novel, the publication of a Diana Hunter novella and the nearly-finished state of an as-yet-unnamed historical romance. Determining the total word count, however, is not as easy as one might think. Mostly because the fiction writing number is approximate, since I stopped writing down daily word counts somewhere around the beginning of March. I know how long the finished novel of Training Two is (53,479) so that’s as a chunk of it. And I know how many words were in the historical novel at the end of December (75,760).

I also worked on a fantasy story over the summer, writing over 6,000 words on that, but because I didn’t keep the records I should have, I’ll use the round number.

I’m also counting my blog posts in my final number, since non-fiction writing is still writing. The non-fiction blog-writing total came to 23,134 words.

Which means I wrote a total of 182,497 words for the year. Give or take a few hundred.

Now while that’s better than last year’s number (165,135) by 17,362 words (a short novella!), its still a far cry from my lofty goal of 250,000 (by 67,503 words). I’d need to write another full novel to reach that goal.

Two years now, I’ve had 250K as my goal and two years I have not made it. Does that mean I should change my goal? Heck, no! If it ain’t hard to reach, it ain’t worth reaching for.

And so, in the bright, shining start of the new year, I make my resolution as I have for the past two years: to reach 250,000 new words written by December 31st. I can do it! I know I can. :)

Play safe, 

PS. I’m on Facebook now and post short updates there, not always pertaining to writing. You shouldn’t be surprised. This blog isn’t always about writing, either. Squirrel!

Come join me there if you haven’t already. It’s fun!

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