Sunday, May 11, 2014

Go Spring!

Going on record as saying Spring is my favorite season. Between the fresh new colors that seem to pop out of the ground between one day and the next, the warmth of the sun that's shifted and heading north, the brilliant vibrancy of the shoots of winter wheat pushing through the dirt to start their short lives, so much of nature assaults the senses and reminds us that life renews.

Really, its no wonder that our grandmothers partook in spring cleaning. Dusting out the musty detritus of winter and polishing the woodwork until it gleamed in the new sun, shaking out the rugs and sweeping out the rooms all went hand-in-hand with spring and fresh starts. Every year I say I'll do the same, but because of my daytime employment, can only tackle the job piecemeal. One day this room,
Flowers in my backyard 
a week later, that one. Or the garden today and the garage next weekend. I look forward to retirement, if for no other reason, but that I'll have time to properly spring clean for perhaps the first time in my life.

As for writing...I can feel it coming on. For all of March and most of April, writing was so far down my list of priorities, I barely saw it down there near the bottom of the list.

But now it's May and Spring is here. I can look up from my tasks and pack some of them away with the winter clothes. I wore sandals for the first time yesterday and got out T-shirts today. My house is a mess with the breaking up of two households (at the same time after just having broken up my parents' in December) but the breeze coming in through the window is freshening and I can sit in the sun and warm my heart.

Play safe!

PS. Don't forget Diamond Submission came out this week!

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