Saturday, February 01, 2014

January in review

I have to make myself accountable to someone, I think, in order to reach my goals. To that end, in January, I read two books, saw two movies at theatres (and about a dozen at home), watched two out of the three new Sherlock episodes (no spoilers! The last one's on tomorrow night!) and wrote 11,769 words for either the blog or for my new Mystic Shade novel.

What two movies? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and August, Osage County. I enjoyed both of them - and for much the same reason. Each one took its time in the storytelling. Neither one had a single car crash, although both had a fist fight - sort of. Kind of nice to slow things down and take a closer look every once in a while and both these movies did that quite nicely.

I did start two books: Emma by Jane Austen and a biography of Jane Austen. We're reading them both for our book club this month. I bought the wrong bio and read half of it before I discovered my mistake. It's all good. Actually, it's kind of fun reading two different takes on the same person. I haven't finished any of the three, so they'll actually count in February's list. For the record, though, the two biographies are: Jane Austen, a Life and Jane Austen, A Life Revealed.

So, a good start to the writing! I wrote today, too, on a different piece, but again, that'll count for February. So far, so good!

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