Thursday, January 16, 2014

Did you ever...

...get so heavily into a story you forgot there was another entire world called Real Life?

That's been me the past few weeks. I wish I could say I've gotten into a new novel, writing my fingers to the bone. Or that I'm reading some great book and am so into it, the real world could fade away and I'd never notice.

But no.

That which has caught my attention the past two weeks has been a TV show. Yes, I hang my head in shame. I've been watching TV.

As a rule, I don't. Watch TV, that is. I have a few guilty pleasures that I watch each week, DVR'ing them for when I have the time. Castle, NCIS and Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. are the only ones I really watch, although Big Bang Theory has been a favorite for a while, even if I don't catch it every week.

But that's it. Three hours per week. The rest of my leisure time is spent writing, reading, daydreaming, scrapbooking, making a puzzle that I got for Christmas and yes, even doing some housekeeping (darn dust! Keeps coming back!).

No, the TV show that's caught my attention is one most of you have probably already seen in its entirety. It's no longer on the air but my son's been pestering my husband and I to watch it for a very long time. He bought all five seasons on DVD and they've been on the shelf for several months. At the beginning of this month we finally started binge-watching them and have been having a lot of fun. What series, you ask?


I love the campiness that's full of heart and earnestness. I love that the characters have all been allowed to grow, Morgan especially. I'm blown away by the guest stars...Richard Chamberlain? Be still my beating heart!!!!

Every night we watch two or three episodes; this past Sunday we stayed in, camped out in the living room and watched ten episodes in a row. We took breaks but we'd gone shopping and gotten snack foods and munchies and pretty much just grazed our way through the afternoon and into the evening. I haven't felt so relaxed in ages!

I am sorry I've neglected the blog and the writing workshops. Beside my computer are a bunch of notes for upcoming posts and I will get to them soon. For now....wait. General Beckman is calling.

Gotta go!

PS. Play safe!

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