Friday, November 29, 2013

12 Days; First Day of Christmas

It's here! The First Day of Christmas is now available AND I figured out a solution to my pricing problem.

My intent was to release each day's adventures for $.49 for those who like their erotic romance a little bit at a time. Later (December 10th) the entire book would be available for $4.99 - for those who want the whole meal all at once.

But Amazon and Smashwords won't let me price it that low. My solution?

Every even-numbered book will be free.

Yep, that's right. Buy the first story at $.99, the second one costs nothing. The third story will be $.99 and the fourth - not a penny! You get the picture.

So get 12 Days; The First Day of Christmas on the Kindle or at Smashwords for all other formats. Watch this site for links for each succeeding story over the next twelve days to get the entire collection.

Oh! And please leave a review!!!! Good, bad or indifferent - let the world know your opinion. :)

Play safe! And Happy Holidays!


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