Thursday, July 05, 2012

New Release!

A night of romance and seduction. A night of passion and lust. A night to remember...

Yes, I've been busy! Announcing today the release of A Night to Remember, a quick short story that's full of spice and steam.

I originally wrote this story as a present for two very special people who share an incredible love. Set in Houston, Texas, it centers around an anniversary dinner - and the special evening that follows. Below is a little taste from the story to whet your own appetites...

And the excerpt:

They ate several moments in silence, each thinking ahead to what the night held. The first few notes of another slow song drifted across the room. “Eros” –a piece he’d put together for a much different purpose many years earlier. Very appropriate for this evening.
He felt Maria’s foot slide next to his under the table as the piano’s music lulled the diners. His face gave no clue that her foot was there, not even when she kicked off her shoe and the tops of her bare toes caressed his calf. Deliberately putting another bite into his mouth, he remained determined to show no reaction to her advances, yet when her foot moved to slip along the inside of his knee to his thigh, his eyes widened. Quickly swallowing his bite of dinner, he sat upright when her toes came in contact with his semi-rigid cock.
Her head was tilted downward and she looked up at him with false concern. “Something the matter, honey?”
“Nothing.” He tried to reply but his voice came out sounding strangled. After clearing his throat, he tried again. “Nothing, my dear one.”
But then her toes closed over his cock and he coughed to cover the yelp that sprang unbidden from the depths of his surprise. With a chuckle, she removed her foot as the song ended.
“Perhaps we’d best change the subject. Otherwise it seems my husband might have a physical impairment that would keep him from our walk in the park.”
Not trusting his voice, Edward only nodded and gave this round to his wife. He might have started the game, but she was certainly a worthy opponent.

Whew! A Night to Remember is available in all ebook formats. Get your copy today and remember,

Play safe!

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