Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vote on the cover!

Okay, got to playing last night. Which of the three covers below do you like best? Here's a blurb for the story (remember, murder-mystery erotic romance with BDSM and vanilla sex):

When a Hollywood film company comes to town, everyone gets caught up in the excitement. Callie O'Malley sees a way to add realism to her newest crime novel and her best friend, Laura Woodburn, sees her ticket out of town. 

Hal London, heartthrob of stage and screen, figures this is his last Earth Captain movie. The franchise made him rich and now he can be choosy about the parts he takes and indulge in some real acting. His screen sidekick, Alex Hirsh, however, would die to get the leading role. It's no secret he's tired of playing second fiddle and wants his turn as the leading man.

But when an explosion rocks the set and people start dying, secrets come out and fingers point in all directions. Who is the real killer...and will he -- or she-- kill again?

Here are your choices:

Choice A
Choice B

Choice C

Please note: At this point the watermarks for the various elements are still on the mock-ups. Once a final decision is made, I'll purchase the appropriate photos and those marks will be gone.

So here's your opportunity to influence a book cover. Make your choice and put it in the comments below!

 Diana, waiting with baited breath...                                                                              


Steve said...

I like choice A

Diana Hunter said...

Several who have emailed me agree with your choice. Anyone else out there have a care?