Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning Curve available again

Learning Curve is a short novella I wrote 'way back in 2004. It's been out of "print" for a few months and is once more available.

Here's the original blurb:

As a young girl, Sam fancied herself a writer. Excited, she showed her first story to a classmate, who labeled it "yucky" because Sam's female protagonists had been tied up when they were captured by the bad guys. Abashed, Sam spent the next decade caging her vivid fantasies of being tied up, and cultivating the good girl image that society expected.
Until she met Peter. Sam didn't understand why her body responded so violently to his kiss, only that when it did, her fantasies banged at the bars of their cage and threatened to break free.
The night they finally escaped, Sam's life changed forever.

There are no substantial changes between this edition and the older one, except for some now-fixed grammatical errors. And a new cover, of course!

Learning Curve was a fun story to write. Many readers don't know this, but the first part of the story where we find out that Sam's burgeoning writing career was abruptly halted by a sixth-grade classmate, is an event from my own experience. That actually happened to me and as a result of her demeaning remark, I didn't write another original story for nearly ten years -- not till I got to college. I thought them all the time, but kept any attempts at writing stories only in my head. Thankfully I had the guts to take a Creative Writing class in college and the professor not only enjoyed my writing, but encouraged me to play with language and plot and to continue writing after the class ended. Yay for teachers!

For the next three months Learning Curve will be available on the Kindle only. I'm giving their Select program a try-out, more out of curiosity than anything else. Seems counter-intuitive to me to have it only in one format and available in only one place. Will post here at the end of the 90 days and let you know how the lending option worked and whether or not this was a mistake. If you're not in the US, use the new Purchase Info tab at the top of the page for links to the "other Amazons".

There it is -- the new cover! Play safe, everyone --and enjoy those handcuffs!


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