Sunday, December 25, 2011

New title from Mystic Shade

Yours to Command is a short erotic story from Mystic Shade. Her works are not erotic romances, but straight erotica, so beware! She's offering this short story for 99 cents for the first two weeks as an introductory price, so if you know someone who just got a Kindle for Christmas and who likes erotica, this is a fun little title.

Yours to Command blurb:

Set in modern times, Yours to Command explores Dru's need to submit and Malachi's need to push her boundaries. Dru likes her sex on the rougher side of kinky and has come to visit Master Malachi in the hope that he is just the Dom to help her find that ever-elusive sub-space.

Malachi, on the other hand, likes to find and then push his sub's boundaries. But how far is too far? With most subs walking that tightrope stirs his passions, but with Dru, his passions threaten to ignite.

Yours to Command is a short story. It deals with themes of extreme BDSM and is intended for mature readers only.

 So far, the Kindle version is the only live link. Other formats will be announced as they go live.

Want to know more about Mystic and her other books? Here's a link to her blog, Shades of Desire

Happy Holidays to all!


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