Monday, October 25, 2010

I picked up The Secret History of the Pink Carnation last weekend at an all-too-quick Border's stop. Written by Lauren Willig, the back cover made it sound a bit like a Scarlet Pimpernel knock-off....and I'm a sucker for Scarlet Pimpernel knock-offs. Is there anything better than Anthony Andrews as the debonair Percy Blakeley? I think not, don't you know?

Anyway, I bought it and read it in two sittings over the weekend. No, "read" is too tame a word. Devoured. Gobbled. Couldn't wait to get back to. Wanted it to be longer. Yeah, all of those.

And after I read it, I discover the best part of all: it's book one of a series! That's already published so I don't have to wait forever for the author to write the next one! Yay!

I heartily recommend The Secret History of the Pink Carnation to all you Pimpernel fans -- she does a great job of bringing the Margeurite character up to modern expectations and making her a more active part of the plot. And it contains a story-within-a-story that's just plain ol' fun.

As far as my own writing...loyal readers of this blog know I've been working on a full-length novel tentatively titled "Services" for a while (over a year). The characters stopped talking and I knew why, I just didn't want it to be so. In short? I put them in bed together too early in the story and they wanted more time before they did the Big Bang. Yesterday I bowed to their demands and put a split in the manuscript about halfway through. I then gave Chapter Two a new ending...and 1000 words later I think we're back on track. At least their speaking to me again.

So I'll write what they want me to, then bridge it to what I've already gotten written (I temporarily cut 14,000 words yesterday -- that's over 40 pages!). My goal now is to have this first draft finished by the end of the year. Keep your fingers crossed!

And in the meantime, of course...

Play safe!

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