Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some of you have written to ask why I haven't released a full-length novel in a while and I figured if a few have written, more are thinking the question. The quick answer is, I have - or at least, have started to.
Diamond Studs and Winter Studs are two anthologies that contain stories from Ruby Storm, Ruth Kerce and me. We've had great fun working on them together and I have the emails to prove it. :) We toyed around with writing an anthology called Service Studs -- but we just couldn't quite get our timing right. Ruth published (with our blessing) her contribution as an independent, stand-alone book. If you haven't read Hot on her Tail yet...you should!

Ruby and I have yet to finish our stories. My work-in-progress, tentatively entitled Services, has been giving me grief for the past year. The characters talk - and then they don't talk. I figure out a section of the plot and then they don't like it. I'm a pantser (meaning I don't work from an outline) but this one has even driven me to try writing the synopsis first and STILL the characters won't cooperate. I managed to get nearly fifty pages of the story written in the early part of this summer but then they stopped talking once again and I'm ready to abandon them.

In fact, I got so ticked off at the silence of these characters I DID abandon them for a while and wrote Love in the Afternoon (my newest release - do you have it yet? Why not??? It's a Quick Quickie and the price is certainly right!). Normally I come up with the title after the story's written, but for this one I started with a title in my head: Naked in the Afternoon. By the time the story was on paper, however, I realized it needed a one-word change and Ellora's Cave is publishing it as Love in the Afternoon. Sweet!

Anyway, Services is still sitting here, nearly half done, giving me fits and not cooperating. I started a brand-new story day before yesterday and it's very possible I will chase that one down for a while. I'd like to give my readers another full-length (although watch for Remembered Love, a Naughty Nooner free read coming from me shortly), but it looks like I'm back to the drawing board!

In the meantime, play safe!

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