Saturday, April 17, 2010

To all you travelers who are stuck in places you don't want to be, I offer a free story to take you away from your troubles for a while. Feel free to download and read at your leisure!

The Ramayana is an ancient tale from India and one I've enjoyed expounding on for many years. I never tire of telling the story to a group of students and watching their faces as they become enthralled with the adventure, the feats of derring-do and the romance of the hero and heroine. Two years ago I was asked to write a series of short stories for a Valentine's presentation in Second Life and naturally I turned to this beautiful epic for inspiration. The story attached tells my version of the very first meeting between Ram and Sita as told through Sita's eyes.

Tales From the Ramayana; Ram and Sita Meet by Diana Hunter


Pat said...

Wow, he does all this for the hand of a princess. It is nice that she gets to marry for love.
Will there be a story for the brother? I love the story . It is so great

Diana said...

lol...of course there's a story for the brother! Thanks for the good words. The epic is great and I'll make Laksman's story next up on my list :)