Monday, October 12, 2009

It may seem like I've disappeared from the universe, but let me assure you, I have not. For the past three months, I've been pretty silent on every venue: my newsletter, my blog, even Second Life. I walked away from the Internet, from promotion...and unfortunately, from you, my loyal readers.

Why? I had to. I've spoken before of finding the balances in life, whether between promoting my works and actually writing the stories or between home and work, family and everything else. Since publishing my first novel in September of 2003, I've managed to maintain that balance. Everyone and everything got an equal share of my time and energy.

But earlier this year, I got out of whack. I was spending hours in Second Life doing readings (sometimes as many as a dozen a month!) and nothing else was getting done. I wasn't writing, I wasn't keeping up with my blog or newsletter, and worst of all, I was losing touch with my family.

In May, I took stock of what was going on and realized I needed to change up what had become a habit. I slowed down my readings considerably and wrote a newsletter and several blog posts. But it wasn't enough. I needed what amounted to a refresh. I needed to walk away, get my priorities back in order and set forth once more.

And so this summer I did just that. I unplugged totally. I went into Second Life only to pay my rents and nothing else, spending no more than five minutes inworld about every two weeks. I didn't post to the blog, didn't post to the newsletter -- I only went to work and, more importantly, rediscovered my family. They're actually wonderful folks with a huge well of patience and I love them very much.

During those months I spent a great deal of time at our cabin (it still feels very new to me, especially since there are still rooms not touched. But that's another post for another day. Which is coming, I promise. But I digress...) and my husband and I spent two weeks on vacation - without the kids (another whole post in and of itself). Because I teach, I had the time to renew and reflect -- something I'm always preaching is important, but forgot to practice myself.
But every catepiller eventually has to emerge from its self-inflicted cocoon, and I hope, as I emerge from mine, that I can be as beautiful as a Monarch, although at this point, even a cabbage-white will do. Expect more posts from me (although I'm sure they'll be as irregular as always) and look for me again in Second Life. I have some new ideas and am writing a new Studs story (Ruth Kerce , Ruby Storm and I are at it again!), so watch this space for announcements.
Thank you, my dear readers, for your patience and understanding. My sincerest hope is that you have found the balances in your life. Until later,

Play safe,

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